Baaack :P

Hah I actually planned to post every 2nd day xD..
Well, I've been kinda busy so I didn't have the time to check blogspot (sorry ^^)..
So to let ya know what was so important, I'll write something bout my last few days :P

Well, I've been thinking bout joining the US Air Force because their support in career (college, sports etc..) is pretty neat, so I called a recruiter and asked how to go about it if I wanted to join the military and he told me to take part in a test called ASVAB.. So I went on Google, typed "ASVAB test" and searched for online learning materials, so i started clicking trough the sites.. click... click.. click.. click.. click.. Every page said the same and it seemed pretty easy to me.. So my next step was to check out the goods and bads of the military (I know, that should've been my first step haha but I guess that's just me).. Uh I got a feeling that this is getting way toooo boring, so to make it short, the answer to the military was "NO!" as I'm too much of a *mommas-boy* xD.. ATM I'm looking for a good college specialized in digital arts / concept design..

So to freshn up this post I'm posting this painting that I've done on photoshop, its just a simple sketch of an old man.. hope ya like it :P