Hey guys,
I guess this is my first post on here ^^
I created this blog to post all kinds of random stuff bout my "crazy" life haha.
I won't post every day cuz I probably won't have the time for that but I will try to post atleast every 2nd day or some.

Now to my actual post lol..
Well, as some of you may know, I am very interested in art, I like painting, concept design and photography.. (ok to be honest, I also like fashion design... I AM NOT GAY haha).. So first thing I did after breakfast and brushing my teeth this morning was to sketch whatever came across my mind.. one sketch was like a monster beaten up by a frog xD don't ask why that was on my mind.. So after like an hour I started sketching the female-body and I actually came up with some pretty nice poses..

So here's the final sketch:

Hope ya like them :P